Sample Collection to Investigate Mars

Red Planet Sampling

SCIM will return the first samples of Martian materials to Earth without the complexity and risk of landing, and at a fraction of the cost. As the first round trip mission to Mars, SCIM will break new ground, and set the stage for future visits to Mars by humans.

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SCIM atmosphere

Understanding Mars

As the first sample return from another terrestrial planet, SCIM will provide a unique data set and a comparative basis for understanding how the rocky inner planets formed and why they have evolved so differently from each other.

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Aeropass Technology

Using a sleek, elongated aeroshell, SCIM will race through the Martian atmosphere collecting its precious samples, but won’t be captured into orbit. Instead, after emerging from the atmospheric pass SCIM will rapidly and directly return to Earth with its prized cargo.

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aeropass model
SCIM team members

Expert Team

Our team members combine scientific expertise with deep mission development and management experience including senior positions at NASA.

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SCIM Activities

SCIM is a mature mission concept and ready to go. We are currently fundraising to begin implementation. The first phase entails detailed design and optimization work, with a special focus on the dust collector and sample return capsule. We are also building plans for education programs to engage people around the world in the SCIM journey, including a student-built experiment and hosting secondary payloads such as cubesats. Join the SCIM team today and help us blaze the trail to Mars (and back!).

Starting the journey: SCIM detailed design and optimization work

In the early phase of SCIM development, work will focus on optimizing the science plan using the latest data from Mars, incorporating the most advanced flight avionics, creating a detailed build plan and schedule to get us to the launch pad, inking initial agreements with our SCIM partners including aerospace companies, our launch vehicle provider, universities and NASA, and updating mission costs using our revised management approach.

Dust collector and sample return capsule

Early hardware builds will help SCIM make key progress towards the launch pad. We propose early prototypes and ultimately early flight builds of both the aerogel-based dust collector and the sample return capsule that will bring the Mars dust safely back to Earth. Both of these key elements of SCIM provide naming opportunities for donors.

Student-built experiment and secondary payloads

Education and public engagement are important to the SCIM journey. Enabling meaningful participation through hands-on activities – such as creating SCIM’s dust counter and possibly cubesats to be released at Mars – will have a positive impact on preparing future generations for careers in technological fields. Near-term work involves detailed accommodation studies to maximize the number of student experiments SCIM can carry. It will also support initial competitions and designs of SCIM’s student experiments.

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